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Blue Hypnea Algae

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Blue Hypnea

Scientific Name: Hypnea sp

Waterflow: Medium

Lighting: Moderate to High

Reef Compatible: Yes

Notes: Blue Hypnea Algae introduces uncommon beauty and coloration to reef aquariums, refugiums, and ornamental macroalgae displays. Featuring gorgeous blue coloration.

The Blue Hypnea grows in very dense, matted clumps that loosely anchor to coarse substrates. It is not a particularly fast growing algae so containing its growth is not difficult. For optimum coloration and growth, provide moderate to high, full spectrum lighting.

There are multiple uses for macroalgae in marine aquariums. The most common use is for feeding purposes to offer natural nutrition for aquarium herbivores. "Macroalgae, cultivated in refugiums and "algae scrubbers," provide natural filtration that absorb excess nutrients, such as nitrates and phosphates." Macroalgae also provides ideal habitat for small shrimp and other microfauna to help support biodiversity. Finally, macroalgae can be used simply for ornamental purposes to add beauty and diversity to the reef aquarium.

This algae is sold by the portion you will receive one clump approximately the size of a tennis ball.

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