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Domino Damsel

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Domino Damsel

Scientific Name: Dascyllus trimaculatus

Reef Compatibility: Yes

Minimum Tank Size: 30g

Max Size: 5 1/2”

Food/Feeding: Omnivore

Notes: The Domino Damselfish, also known as the Three Spot Damselfish, Threespot Dascyllus or 3-Spot Domino Damselfish, is so named due to the three white spots on its black body. It matures into an aggressive adult whose bright spots fade with age and will enter into a relationship with Stichodactyla species (Carpet Anemone) if one is available.

A 30 gallon aquarium or larger is suitable in size. Because it can tolerate substandard water parameters, it is a popular fish among beginning hobbyists. The 3-Spot Domino Damselfish becomes more active and aggressive with age. Therefore, it is a great fish to grow up with larger tankmates.

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