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Dry Rubble Rock per pound

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Dry Live Rock for Saltwater Reef Tanks
Part Number: SBRC-R-DRR
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Sold by the pound, enter the pounds that you would like in the box above, also be sure to let us know if you are looking for any specific shapes or sizes in the comments box on checkout and we will do our best to try and get you exactly what you're looking for!

Our Premium Dry Rock is the best bet if you are on a budget or do no not want any hitchhikers at all. This Eco-friendly rock is a mined porous calcium based rock that not only looks great and is a breeze to aquascape with. It stacks easily and looks great as it is naturally full of holes and crevasses. This rock is from ancient reefs that are now Florida, this rock is mined, then are cleaned and is ready for use in you aquarium. No worries of hitchhikers or phosphate spikes due to die off that you have with some other dry rock. Plus as being a mined rock it causes zero harm to the natural reefs of the world. 

  • Lightweight
  • Very Porous
  • Full of Natural Holes
  • Calcium Based Rock
How much rock should I get? 
With this rock we suggest 3/4 to 1 pound of rock per gallon of display tank volume and may vary depending on your overall goal for the aquascape.
We always recommend purchasing a little extra dry rock to ensure that you will have enough to complete the aquascape you are looking for, any extra rock can always be broken up and placed in your refugium, overflows, and sump for added filtration.

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