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Kessil AP700 LED Fixture w/ built-in WiFi

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Part Number: SBRC-DG-KAP
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Kessil AP700 LED Lighting Panel incorporates "hybrid optics" that are specially designed to give a broad delivery of the light output without giving up any penetration power. The Dense Matrix Array of LED's having the proper spectrum, great coverage with virtually no shadows, and enough power for almost any type of coral in some of the deepest tanks available. The AP700 can even be paired with your favorite iOS or Android device for ultimate control!

Single AP700 Maximum Coverage
36"x 24" at 7" above water level
48" x 24" at 18" above water level
WiFi Connection
Beautiful Shimmer
Maximum Coverage*
Full-Spectrum Light
Superior Color Mixing
Unrivaled Penetration
Proprietary UV Blend
Compact Design
Full-Color Control
Fisheye Optics
Kessil utilizes their own Dense Matrix Array which can typically push 3-4 times the light from their fixtures compared to most other LED units on the market today. The AP700 employs high quality, hybrid optics which helps give great spread and coverage while not losing its penetrating power, and giving the closest look to metal halide lights from almost any other LED unit. Kessil designs and produces their own LED Dense Matrix Array’s which gives them full control over quality and the spectrum of LEDs used in their products.

The Kessil AP7000 has full WiFi capability which now unlocks the ability to program storms, cloud cover, day cycle, acclimation modes, and the lunar cycle all from an iOS* or Android** device, without any need for an additional stand-alone controller. Just download the app and connect your preferred device to the light for complete control!

Power Consumption: 185W
Unit Weight: 4.81lbs
Dimensions: L 20" x W 6.4" x H 1.5"
Power Supply: 48v DC (output)
What's Included
AP700 Panel LED unit
USB Cable
Power Adapter
Adapter Cable

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