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Keyhole Limpet Image
Keyhole Limpet Image

Keyhole Limpet

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Keyhole Limpit

Scientific Name: Megathura crenulata
Reef Compatibility: See Notes

Minimum Tank Size: 10 gal

Max Size: 1”

Food/Feeding: Herbivore

Notes: The Keyhole Limpets are typically half an inch long, or smaller, and feed on unwanted filamentous algae, cyanobacteria, diatoms and even hydroids. Limpets have an oval, laterally compressed shell that tapers to an off-centered blunt point. Limpets have a tiny hole at the crest of their shell where it becomes a point, which they use for waste and water exchange.

The Keyhole Limpit should not be considered for tanks with SPS corals, as they will consume them if there is not enough other food available.

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