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Ocean's Blend Alkalinity and Calcium

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New Stronger Formula!

Oceans Blend now has a stronger formula for the 2 part Calcium and Alkalinity. It still has an ionic balanced for your calcium, alkalinity and pH, but at a bigger punch. As a result of the increase we recommend that you do not use the new formula with the old formula. For example, using Part 1 of the old formula with Part 2 of the new formula or vice versa. Oceans Blend 2 part also has a high amount of magnesium to replenish what is used in your tanks calcification needs. How do you tell the old formula from the new? The new formula will have labels like the pictures you see here. Part 1 has and acropora forest and Part 2 has a softy large polyp stoney (LPS) picture with a Blue tang (Paracanthurus hepatus) and a clown fish (Amphiprion percula).

Designed by Hobbyists for Hobbyists

A hobbyist with a vision started Ocean’s Blend. Who better to design additives for the aquarium than someone familiar with the chemistry, as well as care and maintenance of the inhabitants? Ocean's Blend products are extensively tested, in real world settings, with amazing results. With regular feedback from the users of Ocean's Blend products, we continue to provide you with the best results for your tank.

Simple and Convenient

Using Ocean's Blend products is simple and convenient. Our 2 Part for instance requires only a daily dose to establish and maintain an ionic balance in your tank. The chemistry used in Ocean's Blend will establish and maintain calcium and alkalinity levels, taking the guesswork out of additives. One calculation of how much to add is all that is required. Simply add that amount of each solution in the morning, every morning, and your inhabitants will thank you.

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