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Grand Cinnamon Polyps - Aquacultured

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Palythoa grandis
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Also knonw as Giant Zoanthid, Sun Zoanthid, or Cinnamon Polyps. Grand Cinnamon Polyps depend heavily on lighting and the zooxanthellate algae found in the polyps. While they will tolerate lower light, they will thrive if kept under higher light. They can also be target-fed occasionally with foods like brine shrimp or finely chopped mysis, clam, shrimp or other meaty foods.

Grand Cinnamon Polyps can spread quickly over surfaces and may even overgrow other corals. They should be places in areas with plenty of room to spread where they will not endanger other corals in the aquarium. They should also have moderate to high flow.

Some Zoanthids and Palythoa contain a powerful neurotoxin called palytoxin in its flesh that can be extremely harmful if it comes in contact with your blood stream. By harmful we mean deadly. Take special care handling these polyps for this reason especially if you have open cuts on your hands.

This coral will come as one or two polyps attached to a rock, shell or frag plug.

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