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5/4/2020 - We have resumed shipping however, quantities and varieties will be limited. Due to the extremely high freight rate from Asia,  the landed cost of live stock from Asia is now up to twice as much as the landed cost from just a few weeks ago.  Since hardly anyone is traveling at this time, flights from the smaller areas where tropical fish are collected are very limited or non existent.

3/30/20 - We do not believe the shipping situation will be better by 4/6/20. We are keeping an eye on both UPS and Airlines shipping and will resume when it is feasible to do so.

3/24/2020 - We are no longer accepting payment for orders due to lack of confidence with our shipping partners. We plan to resume shipping on or before 4/6/202. If you would like to preorder before then please create a cart and send us an email, we will create a list and get purchases out in the order they were received.