1. Dispar Anthias

Dispar Anthias

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Dispar Anthias

Pseudanthias dispar
Species Information
Care Level:   Moderate
Temperament:   Peaceful
Diet:   Carnivore
Reef Tank Compatible:   Yes
Max. Size:  4 inches
Minimum Tank Size:   70 gal
Approximate Purchase Size:   2 to 3 inches
Notes:   The Dispar Anthias is also known as Madder Seaperch
Female colors of this species are generally yellow-orange on their upper halves and a soft lavender to white on their lower havles. Males tend to have strong red dorsal fins and are a luminous orange lacking the stripes on their tails.
Should you choose to group this species, it is recommended to do so with one male and up to ten females in a 125 gallon tank or larger
Anthia species are hermaphroditic. Should the dominant male perish, the largest female in the group will change genders to continue reproducing within the aquarium.
Due to natural variations, the Dispar Anthias may not look exactly as pictured.

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