How do I know my order will arrive alive?

Simple, we guarantee that all livestock arrives alive and we cover any livestock that is shipped to arrive within one day. For example, you can use Ground Shipping if you are within the 1-day area from the map below or Overnight in other areas. Anything with Free Shipping and/or any items shipped at our discretion is also covered under our guarantee.
If you experience any DOA (Dead on Arrival) in your order, simply take photos of the items still in the bag and continue with the acclimation process, once completed email us through the Contact Us on our website. We will credit your account or reship the DOA items. The cost of shipping is not included.
Anything else not explicitly stated in the FAQs will be handled on a case by case basis, please contact us with photos using the DOA option and we will get back with you.

I just received my order, and something did not make it, what do I do?

Sorry to hear something did not make it. It doesn’t happen often, but unfortunately it does happen when shipping live animals. 
If you encounter this simply take photos of the item still in the bag and send them to us via the Contact Us page within 3 hours of receiving your order. We must have the email with photos for the item to be covered. Any claim submitted without photos will not be processed. Calling us on the phone will not initiate a DOA claim. 

My livestock is alive, but does not look good, what should I do?

Livestock that appears dead often recovers once properly acclimated. The depressed pH levels in the water the animal was shipped in may create the appearance of death. It is important to note marine life from any online fish store will be subjected to some form of stress when packed, shipped and acclimated into a new aquarium. Please take photos, and then acclimate the livestock as you normally would to your quarantine system.

 Some of the items had no water in the bag?

This is normal for some items like Blue Leg Hermit Crabs and Astria Snails, being in a water-less environment is similar to the tide going out and it puts them in a dormant state, so they will appear to be dead, however they are not. Simply put them in a small bowl and slowly add tank water, you will see them begin to come around. Sometimes snails take more time, up to 48 hours. If you have any questions, please take photos and then continue with acclimation.

What about Live Rock and die off?

The best way to ship Live Rock is completely submerged, through the Airlines, you will have very little die off when shipping this way. However you must ask for this becasue it does add some to the price. We ship our rock packages wrapped in wet newspaper in an insulated box. This allows us to offer a lower cost alternative that will ship to your door, however you will have some die off, mostly the very fragile things, such as sponges and tunicates, but should preserve the corals, clams and other more hardy life. 

UPS says my order has been delivered and I do not have it?

Please contact UPS for all shipping questions. We have no control over packages once they are delivered to UPS, however we still cover everything that was in the package but in most cases UPS is able to locate the package quickly.