Hi and thanks for your interest in Salty Bottom Reef Company!
We are a small on-line retailer that offers everything you need for an amazing Saltwater Aquarium, from Live Fish and Corals to Pumps and Lights, we have it all normally at much better prices than our competitors.
We wanted to give you an idea of how it works ordering from us.

Minimum Order - $25.00 minimum order prior to the $8.00 Boxes and Bag fee.

Inventory - Our online stock is relatively accurate; you will be contacted if we are missing an item.

Inventory Updates - Our main inventory is updated Monday evenings/ Tuesday mornings. However, we do update and add to it almost every day.

Waiting List - If an item is not available, please use the Waiting List button and you will automatically be notified our system when the inventory is updated

Filling a Cart- Only available items can be added to your cart. If you are looking for larger quantities of a particular item, please send us an email. Depending on the item it could take up to a week to fill your order.

Comments Section - Upon checkout, leave us a note. E.g. airport code, delivery day...

Shipping Cost - You are able to calculate your shipping cost before actually checking out with your credit card.

Shipping Specials - https://www.saltybottomreefcompany.com/specials
* Does not apply to Rock, Sand or other items with shipping already included. Up to a value of $55 in shipping, Shipping costing more than $55 will get a Credit towards shipping cost.

Shipping - All orders are shipped UPS overnight service or through Airline Cargo

Once your order is placed you will be contacted via email to schedule a delivery day. No Livestock order will ship until the delivery day is confirmed. Please be patient as we process your order.

UPS overnight shipping- Packages should be delivered by 10:30 or noon unless you live in a more rural area. You will receive a UPS tracking email late afternoon the day before your package is to arrive. 

UPS overnight shipping Schedule - Due to COVID-19 and the increase in home deliveries we only ship out on:
       Monday for Tuesday delivery
       Tuesday for Wednesday delivery
       Wednesday for Thursday delivery
       Sorry No Friday or Saturday delivery's available

Airline shipping- Suggested for heavy items like sand, rock, large macro and gorgonian orders and orders of large species 
Easy Pickup, usually on the Cargo side of the airport with less congestion and front door parking. Some smaller Delta locations require pickup at the ticket counter. You will need your I.D. for pick up. Some shipments may need to be prepaid.

Cancellation Fee - There will be a 5% fee for any order cancelled.

Refunds - Could take 3-5 business days. You will be notified once your refund is processed.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call (727-753-8552) or email us [email protected].