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Feather Caulerpa

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Feather Caulerpa
Caulerpa mexicana
Fern Macroalgae

Reef Tank Suitable, Fish-Only Tank Suitable

Natural Environment: Inhabits reef hardpan areas.

Aquarium Suitability: Its bright green feather-like growth is the best of all the Caulerpa species for aquarium use. Leaf/fron/blade length varies, yet is usually 6 - 8 inches (15 - 20 cm). The oppositely arranged, segmented points face upward on a basically flat-shaped leaf. The leaves are attached to and are spread by rhizomes/runners, which in turn are held in place by holdfasts/rootlets. This form of Caulerpa releases fewer toxins than other types of Caulerpa, and fish such as Tangs find it quite tasty. In fact, this species and C. prolifera are the only two Caulerpa species usually eaten by most herbivorous fishes. It is usually referred to as "fern" macroalgae and makes for a very good foodstuff for many different kinds of herbivores.

Notes: A hardy algae. Works very well to remove phosphates from the water. They can also be used as food for fish and inverts.  Fast grower.

Caution: Members of caulerpa species of macro have the ability to go ‘sexual’ if they are not pruned often to keep them under control. When the macro goes sexual it will release itself into the water as spores causing nutrients in the tank to go very high, endangering all of the inhabitants.

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