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Halimeda Plant Image
Halimeda Plant Image

Halimeda Plant

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Halimeda Plant
Halimeda opuntia

Reef Tank Suitable, Fish-Only Tank Suitable

Notes: Also known as the Money Plant/ Hardy, but require calcium supplements to survive. Slow growth. When this alkalinity range is maintained have seen this dark green species grow in my aquariums at a rate of one-quarter inch (.6 cm) per day. It's a good species for aquariums with grazers such as Tangs because the calcareous makeup of the plant helps keep their digestive system free of blockages. The Halimeda plant is a green calcareous macroalgae found within tropical oceans worldwide, and is a beautiful decorative plant for a marine aquarium. Calcareous algae deposit calcium carbonate in their tissues, and require a sufficient calcium level in the aquarium in order to thrive. Halimeda are generally hardy in a marine aquarium, and few fish will feed on it. It is not an invasive plant that will cause harm to close neighboring corals or invertebrates. In addition to light, it requires a sufficient level of calcium to grow. They are not as tolerant of high nitrate or phosphate levels compared to some other algae. They also do not tolerate extensive pruning.

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