1. Lyretail Anthias

Lyretail Anthias

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Lyretail Anthias

Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Species Information
Care Level:   Moderate
Temperament:   Semi-aggressive
Diet:   Carnivore
Reef Compatible:   Yes
Max. Size:  Males 5 inches, Females a bit Smaller
Minimum Tank Size:   125 gallon
Approximate Purchase Size:  2 to 3 inches
Notes:   The Lyretail Anthias also known as the Blue/Purple Eye Anthias, Sea Goldie or Scalefin. 
To be successful with the Lyretail Anthias you will need at least a 125 gal aquarium with plenty of live rock in order to give plenty of hiding spots as this fish in the wild would spend it's time constantly grazing above the reef. It should also be fed 4 or more small meals a day to recreate that. In general, Lyretail Anthias are beautiful and peaceful fish that will get along with other tank inhabitants, so long as they are provided a proper diet and enough room to freely swim about.
If you wish to keep a group, it is best to house no less than 1 male and 8 or more females in a 180 gallon aquarium or larger. Can be kept with other peaceful community fish and care should be taken to ensure that you keep only one male per tank.
Due to natural variations, the Lyretail Anthias may not look exactly as pictured.

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