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Palm Caulerpa

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Palm Caulerpa
Caulerpa paspaloides
Palm Tree Algae

Reef Tank Suitable, Fish-Only Tank Suitable

Natural Environment: Inhabits shallow, sometimes muddy environments where slow to moderate currents exist.

Aquarium Suitability: Not among the more popular aquarium species, however, still a useable aquarium species that requires moderate light and currents. Not usually fed upon by herbivorous fish.

Notes: A hardy algae. Works very well to remove phosphates from the water. They can also be used as food for fish and inverts.  Fast grower.

Caution: Members of caulerpa species of macro have the ability to go ‘sexual’ if they are not pruned often to keep them under control. When the macro goes sexual it will release itself into the water as spores causing nutrients in the tank to go very high, endangering all of the inhabitants.

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