Shipping Questions and Answers

Shipping - Frequently Asked Questions

How should I have my order shipped?

All Live items should be shipped with no more then 2 days in transit. Many fish, corals and anemones need to be shipped with only one day in transit. That does not mean you have to choose overnight shipping, we have supplied you with the map that shows transit times from our location. Please use the map and determine the best shipping method for your order. For extra protection you may consider shipping your aquatic life order to your local UPS store or location. This will keep your aquatic life order protected from potential inclement weather and extreme temperatures in a secure, enclosed area when you ship directly to your local shipping location nearest you for pickup.

UPS Ground


Can I ship 2nd Day, it is much cheaper?

Yes, in some cases 2nd day will work fine, normally this is for orders with plants and most invertebrates during mild weather. If you have questions, please contact us and if we let you know it is appropriate, that order will be covered under alive arrival guarantee.

Why is Ground Shipping Available is it is not a good way to ship my order?

Ground shipping is a great low-cost option for dry rock, dry goods and anyone within the 1 day/ 2 day (for most inverts and some fish) area on the map above. Ground shipping is not good if you live in California and order anything live. We ship orders nationwide, so the options are there, we expect you to know what will work best for you and your situation.


Why am I being asked to upgrade my shipping?

If you order and select a option that we do not feel will be a good way to have your live stock delivered, we will contact you and let you know. If you feel you do not want to upgrade your shipping, we will ship it the way you selected, however you are then taking responsibility for all items in that shipment. We do not make anything on the shipping, this is not a ploy to extract more money as some people have suggested, this is simply to supply you with live healthy animals.


I Ordered with Overnight shipping and have not received my order yet?

The shipping method has nothing to do with when the order leaves our facility. It is purely how long the animals will be packaged in bags. You want this time to be as short as possible. Please keep in mind we are only 2 people that do everything from diving, packing, contacting customers, website maintenance. Some items are also easier to get at certain times of the year, the weather also plays a major role in the speed of which we are able to fill orders.


Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping fees are paid to the shipper, these are not fees that we have any control over. If you feel like you are being over charged you are more than welcome to supply your own shipping method or pick up from our location.


When will my order ship?

We try to ship the next business day after you order, sometimes not everything for your order may be in stock. If this is the case we will contact you and give you a date that we expect to be able to ship your order. We normally contact each customer and verify that they will be available on the expected day of delivery. You can also leave notes in your order if you want to receive it on a specific day.


Monday is the best delivery day for me, can you ship it for then?

Sorry, unless you are ordering dry goods or using Airlines shipping. Otherwise your box will be sitting somewhere over the weekend and that is not good for live animals as UPS/FedEx/Post Office does not work on Sunday. We would have to ship on Monday for Tuesday or Wednesday delivery.


Can I get my order delivered on Saturday?

Yes, UPS does allow Saturday delivery in some areas, however there is an additional charge for this set by UPS. Airlines shipping can also be set up for Saturday at no additional charge.