Arrow Crab
The Arrow Crab also known as the Spider Crab or the Yellow Lined Spider Crab. The Arrow Crab has a small triangular shaped body with exceptionally long legs that make it look like a spider. The colors of the Arrow Crab vary from tan to brown with an iridescent blue stripe running horizontally down the body.

The Arrow Crab is found mostly in the rocky subtidal areas of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. 

The diet of the Arrow Crabs consists of small invertebrates in the wild and is commonly used in the marine aquarium hobby as a way of controlling bristle worm populations. They have also been known to attack other invertebrates including Coral Banded Shrimp and even some small fish. Arrow Crabs along with most other crabs are opportunistic feeders.

The Arrow Crab is best housed alone or as a male/female pair as they are territorial.

The Arrow Crab has not been readily bred in captivity yet.