Bumble Bee Snail

Bumble Bee Snail

Engina mendicaria

The Bumble Bee Snail is a tiny beautifully striped snail that sports striking black and yellow perpendicular to the length of the shell.

The Bumble Bee Snail is found in the shallow intertidal waters of the Indo-Pacific region. It is commonly found in the sandy and marshy areas where it comes out at night, as they are nocturnal. Generally, Bumble Bee Snails are not on the move very much, they often spend long periods of time in one place and will only move if necessary.

The Bumble Bee Snail is consisted by many to be a greatly beneficial addition to a reef aquarium due to its beauty, size and its ability to get in between rockwork and also aerate the sand bed all in search of food. This tiny snail cleans away detritus, uneaten meaty foods and decomposing organisms. It has also been known to burrow into the sand bed aerating the substrate.

The Bumble Been Snail is a carnivore and if not provided with enough food may attack other tiny snails or worms in order to survive. Some people say that Bumble Bee Snails are effective at controlling Vermetid Snails, however there is only anecdotal evidence to this. Bumble Bee Snails do not eat coral, so they are widely considered to be “reef safe”.

The Bumble Bee Snail can not be easily bred in captivity, when writing this I was unable to find zero information on breeding them or even any attempts to do so.