Halloween Hermit Crab

Halloween Hermit Crab

Ciliopagurus strigatus

The Halloween Hermit Crab also known as the Striped Hermit Crab or Orange Legged Hermit Crab. It has a bright orange body with red banding. With its unmistakably attractive appearance and the propensity to consume nuisance algae such as green hair and cyanobacteria it is a desired addition to many marine aquariums.

The Halloween Hermit crab is found in the waters of the Indo-Pacific including the Red Sea and Hawaii. They are normally found in shallow coastal waters in sandy areas and not necessarily on the reef itself. This makes the Halloween Hermit Crab an excellent occupant to keep the sandy substrate aerated in a home aquarium.

The Halloween Hermit Crab consumes a large variety of foods including scavenging for uneaten food, but also various types of algae and cyanobacteria. These crabs will also happily accept meaty food such as clams, fish, or mussels. Halloween Hermit Crabs have been known to attack other Hermit Crabs or Snails for their shells, it is always a good idea if housing any Hermit Crabs to have extra shells so that they are readily available. 
The Halloween Hermit Crab can also get to be around 2 inches, which is relatively large for a hermit crab. This can cause it to disrupt rock work or corals that are not secured.

The Halloween Hermit crab is not known to be bred in captivity.