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Tricolor Fairy Wrasse

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Tricolor Fairy Wrasse

Scientific Name: Cirrhilabrus solorensis
Reef Compatibility: Yes

Minimum Tank Size: 90 gal

Max Size: 5"

Food/Feeding: Carnivore

Approximate Purchase Size: 2 - 3 inches

Notes: The Tricolor Fairy Wrasse is also known as the Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse, Redheaded Fairy Wrasse, or Red-eyed Fairy Wrasse. Some aquarists consider it to be another color form of the Blueside Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura). The Tricolor Fairy Wrasse has a blue body with bright red running along the dorsal edge and a shining yellow-orange face. Colors may vary to other blues and purples depending on the fish's mood. When courting, the male will display an increased color intensity. With its great looks and ease of care, this Tricolor Fairy Wrasse is one of the most popular wrasse fish. It does great in a reef tank and is is also good in a community aquarium. It is generally peaceful and it gets along well with many other types of fish as well as other fairy wrasses. It is considered reef safe because it generally will not bother corals, ornamental shrimp, or other bottom dwelling invertebrates. There are a few types of fish it doesn't tolerate, like dottybacks and basslets that are similar in size and feeding habits. Some others to avoid are slow feeders like seahorses, and large aggressive or predatory fish. These wrasse like to jump, so a tight fitting canopy is recommended.

Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided.

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